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Phoenix DryPHONE

  • Gather readings instantly from Bluetooth equipment in range
  • View atmospheric readings for a specific chamber
  • View moisture readings for chambers and related notes
  • Manage your equipment on any given job site
Product Details

Phoenix DrySENSE

  • Save time taking daily readings
  • Readings automatically added to the drying report
  • Use attached pins to push into wet drywall
  • Included accessory allows screws to be used for harder surfaces
Product Details

Phoenix DryTAG

  • Gives last known location on a map with no monthly fee
  • Automatically provides usage and serial number to drying reports
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Phoenix DryLINK® app and DryPHONE
  • Can be added to any brand of equipment
Product Details

Phoenix DryTAG RH

  • Use as a standalone thermo-hygrometer
  • Add any dehumidifier to DryLINK with automated data collection of psychometric readings
  • Built-in accelerometer tracks hours of usage automatically
  • Easy retrofit - just mount to the inside of the outlet grill
Product Details